• Dealer Co-op Program

    3M Authorized Dealer, the 2018 Co-op Program has ended and we're determining the 2019 Co-op amounts. These values will show up in the system no later than April 22nd pending we received your signed Marketing Commitment letter via Docusign.

    The deadline for co-op program submissions is December 30, 2019.

  • The 3M Window Film Cooperative Program was established to support the advertising and public relations efforts of 3M Authorized Window Film Dealers. Participation criteria is simple. Engage in one or all of the advertising and/or public relations opportunities as outlined below. At the completion of each month, submit the necessary supporting documentation to the 3M Window Film Cooperative Program Coordinator via U.S. Mail or email. An annual minimum of $5,000 in 3M Window Film purchases is required for program participation.

    • Each claim must include a copy of the activity invoice. CREDIT CARD AND/OR COPIES OF BANK STATEMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED AS PROOF OF SERVICES RENDERED.
    • Each invoice may only be submitted once regardless of program or activity duration.
    • Advertising may NOT include products or services that compete with 3M Window Film.
    • All materials must use the 3M brand and trademark guidelines in an approved manner as specified by 3M Company.
  • Total amount available

  • Review Service

    To help ensure the 3M brand and trademark usage is correct and compliant with the program guidelines, program participants are encouraged to submit advertising to 3M for review prior to placement. Items not submitted for review prior to placement may not be eligible for reimbursement. Items may be submitted for review via U.S. Mail or email. All items will be reviewed within 48 hours of submission excluding holidays and weekends. If the advertising meets the program guidelines, the dealer will receive notice of approval. If the advertising does not meet the program guidelines, the dealer will receive notice of areas of non-compliance and suggested modifications. Advertising may be submitted as many times as needed to obtain pre-approval.


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