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Cable connectors for the modern world — 3M™ Expanded Beam Optical Interconnect.

Big data is driving a digital transformation — more and more data is being created and consumed while becoming mission critical to daily life. With this transformation comes the demand for more servers, more switches and more connections performing at the highest speeds with minimal maintenance and downtime, while allowing for flexibility in design.

3M has reimagined fiber optic connector technology to deliver connectors that are designed to reduce the need for maintenance, cleaning and human interaction, yet offer exceptional performance. Conventional cable connectors rely on physical contact and can be vulnerable to transmission interruptions from debris like dust or skin oil. 3M’s design has expanded the light beam and changed the light angle in the optical connector revolutionizing how cables connect and perform — while reducing risk.

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Fiber optic cable connectors to solve data center challenges.

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  • Performance
    Designed for performance.

    As Ethernet speeds increase, hyperscale data centers need to bring faster, more reliable performance in high channel count environments. 3M™ Expanded Beam Optical Connectors are designed to deliver:

    • Expanded beam design optimized for next generation data center needs.
    • Stable performance supports multi-link deployment.
    • Low insertion loss and reflectivity in both single mode and multimode fiber.




  • Dust
    Cut dust out of the connection. 

    Data center dust can slow down productivity and deployment – creating risks for downtime due to cleaning and maintenance requirements. Our expanded beam optical connectors are created to be less sensitive to dust and help cut costs.

    • Expanded beam technology provides reduced sensitivity to dust.
    • Repeatable mating and re-mating performance.
    • Simple connector design with low part count. 
  • Data Center
    Connectors engineered to scale up.

    As next generation data centers change and evolve, interconnect needs to be flexible and ready to scale up – quickly. Optical interconnect from 3M is built to be configured and scaled to the unique needs and challenges of your data center.

    • Single mode and multimode solutions to meet your connectivity needs.
    • Configurable and scalable connector design (12 fibers to 144 fibers).
    • Supports rack or infrastructure applications.

Case study: More speed and less cost at hyperscale

Installation and results of hyperscale trial of 3M™ Expanded Beam Optical (EBO) Connectors


  • Image for EBO for Ensuring High-Speed Fiber Interconnect Reliability Webinar
  • 3M-Rosenberger COBO Webinar

    How do you ensure the reliability of a fiber connection to a switch at very high line rates or once co-packaged optics (CPO) solutions come to market? Dust is always a concern, especially at 400G and above, when even a small contamination can lead to magnified disruptions. Reliable optical interconnects are key! The latest OSFP 4.0 spec introduces support for Expanded Beam Optical (EBO) technology, opening up new possibilities. This webinar explores what makes the Expanded Beam concept unique for fiber optic connectors, how EBO contributes to increasing operational reliability, and the wide range of applications for which EBO can be used.

    01:44 3M talks about 3M EBO technology

    07:12 Connector type available and 3M’s approach to expanded beam optics

    26:00 Successful Hyperscale proof of concept

    27:45 Q&A with 3M and Rosenberger

Next generation technology for next generation data centers.

  • multi-fiber connector system data

    The 3M™ Expanded Beam Optical Connector System is a multi-fiber connector system based on a new expanded beam ferrule technology. Conventional multi-fiber connectors make use of physical contact between fibers. The 3M™ Expanded Beam Optical Ferrule expands the beam between connectors, reducing the connector’s sensitivity to dust and the need for frequent cleaning.


    The connector system supports low insertion loss and high return loss connectivity with a common technology for single mode or multimode fibers. Critical mating alignment is controlled by the expanded beam ferrule without the use of metal guide pins protruding from the end of the connector. The system utilizes a hermaphroditic connector geometry with an LC-connector style latch to engage bulkhead adapters. 

Leave other connectors in the dust.

  • Dust resistant optical connectors

    Designed to deliver optical performance with resiliency to dirt and dust, 3M’s revolutionary ferrule and connector is based on expanded beam technology. The 3M™ Expanded Beam Optical Ferrule expands the beam between connectors, reducing the connector’s sensitivity to dust and the need for frequent cleaning so you can provision your equipment quicker — generating revenues sooner, and lowering ongoing maintenance costs.

Expanded Beam Technology
Impossible is not an option.

With decades of experience in interconnect solutions, we apply the best of 3M Science to collaborate to develop the technologies that will propel the future of our data driven world.


Fiber inspection tool collaborators

  • Collaborator

    3M is collaborating with inspection tool providers, such as EXFO and Sumix, as they develop adapters for their tools, inspection images and pass or fail criteria. Learn more about inspection tool solutions supporting 3M's Expanded Beam Connectors here: