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About 3M Data Center Solutions

  • Your customers do business at the speed of information, and the race is on to build faster, smarter and more energy-efficient data centers. Staying ahead means thinking about data center design in a whole new way.

    Thanks to innovative solutions from 3M, taking your data center operations and servers to a better place is no longer tomorrow’s dream. It’s happening right now.

    The data center revolution starts here.

Solutions for Data Centers and Servers

  • Meeting the demands of today’s data hungry world while keeping your data center connected and performing efficiently and reliably is no small feat. 3M has connectivity solutions in advanced fiber optic and copper twin axial technology that are designed to bring flexibility, performance and cost efficiency to the data centers of today and tomorrow.

  • Achieve your performance targets for your next generation data center while reducing footprint and improving energy efficiency with liquid immersion cooling using 3M fluids. 

  • Protecting uptime and critical equipment is non-negotiable when is comes to fire suppression in your data center. 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid is a clean agent fire suppression solution that is designed to extinguish fires before they start by rapidly removing heat – putting fires to rest before they even start.

Products for Data Centers and Servers

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3M Data Center Solutions - Featured Application

  • 040714-novec-immersion-cooling-brightcove_VDESC_en_US Upbeat synth music plays as a red logo appears. ON SCREEN TEXT: 3M Text types out over a white background. ON SCREEN TEXT: Immersion Cooling with 3M� Novec� Engineered Fluids More text appears as an animated circuit board falls beneath a liquid surface. ON SCREEN TEXT: The Cool Science of Data Center Productivity MAN: Today, a breakthrough technology from 3M offers a simple, field-proven way to increase data center computing capacity while dramatically lowering your capital equipment and operating costs. In a submerged container, racks with rows of processors rest below the fluid�s surface. Bubbles float to the top as a small banner appears. ON SCREEN TEXT: Immersion Cooling with 3M� Novec� Engineered Fluids MAN: This technology, two-phase immersion cooling with 3M Brand, Novec Brand Engineered Fluids, uses a simple design where component racks are completely submerged in a bath of Novec Engineered Fluid, a family of nonflammable, non-ozone-depleting, and low global warming materials with excellent heat transfer properties. Text slides in to form a list above animated waves. ON SCREEN TEXT: 3M� Novec� Engineered Fluids ON SCREEN TEXT: Nonflammable ON SCREEN TEXT: Non ozone-depleting ON SCREEN TEXT: Low global warming ON SCREEN TEXT: Excellent heat transfer properties An animated circuit board submerges itself into a container, which then closes its lid. MAN: Novec fluids remove heat through direct contact with the component or other heat source, raising the fluid to its boiling point. The vapor generated condenses, then falls back into the bath as a liquid. No energy is needed to move the vapor, and no chiller is needed for the condenser, which is cooled by normal facility water. Components can be hot swapped, as shown here with the Intel Brand, Xeon Brand Processor E5-2600. A button is pressed on the top of the processor, releasing it from its rack. A worker easily pulls it out from the fluid. Text appears over an animated sun. ON SCREEN TEXT: Can reduce cooling energy costs 95% + MAN: This innovative technique can reduce cooling energy costs by 95% compared to conventional air cooling. But energy savings are only part of the story. Immersion cooling allows tighter packing of components, enabling up to 100 kilowatts of computing power per square meter compared to just ten kilowatts in a typical air-cooled system. A square with text floats in the animated waves. ON SCREEN TEXT: 3M� Novec� Engineered Fluids Up to 100 kW per m� The waves disappear as a fan slides on screen. ON SCREEN TEXT: Conventional Air Cooling Up to 10 kW per m� MAN: This means your facility can now be housed in just 1/10th the floor space that would normally be required. Text appears over a multi-story building. ON SCREEN TEXT: Conventional Air Cooling A small fraction of that building separates and becomes its own free-standing unit as more text fades in. ON SCREEN TEXT: Immersion Cooling with 3M� Novec� Engineered Fluids ON SCREEN TEXT: Uses 10x less floor space MAN: In addition, 3M liquid immersion cooling technology can significantly reduce water consumption by eliminating the use of municipal water for evaporative cooling, while the heat can also be harvested from the system and reused for heating and other process technologies. With fewer moving parts and no residue formation as in water and oil cooled systems, two-phase immersion cooling can significantly reduce the cost of maintenance. A processor is removed from the bubbling tank, and two workers slide a glass panel door on top of it. Text fades in beside shots of the immersion cooling system. ON SCREEN TEXT: Lower Energy Costs ON SCREEN TEXT: Less Floor Space ON SCREEN TEXT: Reduced Carbon Footprint MAN: Lower energy costs, less floor space, a reduced carbon footprint-- these are just a few of the many ways that immersion cooling with Novec fluids is rewriting the rules for data center productivity. A small banner fades in over the bubbling cooling tank. ON SCREEN TEXT: 3M� Novec� Engineered Fluids A bright red logo appears above text. ON SCREEN TEXT: 3M More information available at � 3M 2014. All Rights Reserved. 3M is a registered trademark of 3M Company. Small red circles connect together with thin lines like molecules. Their color darkens and a light passes through as they form a logo. ON SCREEN TEXT: 3M

    Servers being submerged in 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluid

    Two-Phase Immersion Cooling using 3M fluids

    Beating the heat in tomorrow’s data centers takes thinking about cooling in a whole new way. By immersing servers in a bath of non-electrically conductive 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids and 3M™ Fluorinert™ Electronic Liquids, it’s possible to get 100 times greater power density while using up to 97% less energy. And with passive two-phase heat transfer (liquid to vapor), there are no moving parts and cooling hardware within the server is all but eliminated.

    Download the Immersion Cooling Infographic to learn about the cool science of data center productivity. (PDF, 3.15 MB).