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Helping doctors help their patients

How 3M Science is creating more wound care options to help meet the needs of patients worldwide

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“When I am able to make a difference in their wound and they recover, it makes me feel very satisfied because I have made a difference in their life.”

Meet Dr. Apong

3M connected with wound care physician Dr. Apong to talk about his experiences with 3M™ V.A.C.® Therapy. As a doctor who treats a variety of painful wounds, he’s dedicated to finding the most effective treatment options for his patients. “My job is to treat the wound and make them recover in time.”

Through the number of patients Dr. Apong sees, he acknowledges that certain recoveries are not always easy. “When a person has a wound, it is a burden for the family members as well,” Dr. Apong says. “They need to send a patient to the hospital in and out for dressing and treatment. And when the wound is not properly treated, this can be prolonged for a long period of time, and [it is] straining [on] the family financially, physically, and emotionally.” The emotional pain that comes with these wounds – especially chronic wounds – can be devastating. Many patients experience anxiety, depression, or shame over their wound and the adjustments they need to make to their lives as they heal.

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“Negative pressure wound therapy is a gift of technology to humanity.”

Managing the world’s wounds

For many cases, Dr. Apong suggests negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), a therapy that promotes healing by delivering negative pressure at the wound site. 3M™ V.A.C.® Therapy was the first commercially available NPWT system in 1995, and has continued to innovate in the field of NPWT. Over the past 25 years, V.A.C.® Therapy has been used as an adjunct therapy to manage more than 10 million wounds. More than 75% of all published NPWT clinical studies specifically involve the use of V.A.C.® Therapy products (Source). There are a lot of wounds in this world. Negative pressure wound therapy is a gift of technology to humanity,” says Dr. Apong.

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“With negative pressure wound therapy, I can help patients recover and get back to their families.

3M supports doctors and their patients

When asked about what this technology means to his patients, Dr. Apong says, “To them it is a new chapter in their life.” 3M wound care and management solutions aim to provide innovations in negative pressure wound therapy, surgical incision management, advanced wound care, and skin integrity to help meet the needs of patients all around the world. A goal of Dr. Apong’s practices as well. “With negative pressure wound therapy, I can help patients recover and get back to the family. Because for a lot of people, that’s where the real healing starts.”

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