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3M Optically Clear Adhesives for Automotive Electronics

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3M Optically Clear Adhesives for Automotive Electronics

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3M Automotive Optically Clear Adhesives (OCA)

  • 3M offers a full suite of optically clear adhesives (OCA) and contrast enhancement films (CEF). These high performance materials help improve the visual quality of your displays while reducing thickness and enhancing their durability and reliability. They’re an essential component of automotive touch screens.
  • Many layers of a deconstructed mobile device including a high performance adhesive layer.

    3M™ Optically Clear Adhesives (OCA)

    OCAs are commonly used on LCD flat panel displays, touch screens, transparent graphic overlays, and other devices requiring an optically clear bond. 3M™ Contrast Enhancement Films (CEF) are specialized OCAs offering excellent clarity and adhesion to various transparent display substrates. CEF Auto is a bare ITO compatible and easy-to-convert adhesive with no UV curing required. It is recommended for glass cover lens-to-sensor or sensor-to-sensor bonding.

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Every automotive display has its unique challenges. We’ll help you work through the tighter restrictions and tougher specs that automotive displays demand—and arrive at the right display films solution for your application.
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