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3M fasteners for personal recreation vehicle manufacturing

Made for Repeated Openings and Closings

Easy-to-use reclosable fasteners ensure that seat cushions, access panels and other removable parts stay put when attached but still release easily.

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Dependable Holds, Easy Releases

  • Get the right amount of hold in a lightweight bond—not to mention flexibility, vibration absorption and durability in inclement weather—with 3M Reclosable Fasteners. These fasteners are easy to apply and use, separating easily when the time calls for it. And because they stay hidden, you can deliver a flawless look for any personal recreation vehicle.

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  • Get the permanency and strength of a screw with the ease and aesthetics of a hidden fastener. Attach name plates, chrome details and post-factory accessories with 3M™ Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fasteners, which are five times stronger than conventional hook and loop and can be opened and closed up to 1,000 times. Plus, you get alignment ease and an audible snap, so you know it's secure.

  • Stiff hooks on one side mesh with pliable loops on the other to provide secure closure and easy opening. With variations that account for humidity, different substrates, flame resistance, extreme temperature resistance, plasticizer resistance and shear strength, there's a hook and loop fastener to meet your needs.

  • Built with a strong, yet bendable polymer composite, 3M™ Flexible Magnet Tape holds fast around sharp curves, twists and irregular surfaces. Backed by a strong adhesive, it can attach nearly any material to a metal surface. When it comes to odd surfaces, our flexible magnet tape easily outperforms traditional stiff magnet strips.

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