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3M Wax and Maintenance Products for Marine Manufacturing
Make the "New" Look Last

Preserve a boat's high-shine finishes and spotless surfaces with 3M's extensive line of wax and maintenance products.


Wax and Maintenance Products for Marine Manufacturing

  • Whether you're removing oxidation, rust, corrosion and tarnish or preventing them from happening in the first place, 3M has premium cleaning and maintenance products to get the job done. Our waxes, polishes and cleansers have a wide range of applications, from restoring shine to preventing mildew to protecting surfaces from UV rays. We also offer fiberglass repair kits for hole, crack and tear patches you can count on.

Marine Product Categories for Wax and Maintenance

  • Cleaners

  • Boat Waxes

  • Plastic and Metal Polish

  • Accessories

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