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Glass Bubbles for Vehicle Manufacturing

3M Chemicals and Advanced Materials for Commercial and Specialty Vehicle Manufacturing

The Lightweighting Advantage

Lightweighting with 3M Advanced Materials can help improve fuel economy and reduce rubber and plastic part weight. Learn more about our glass bubbles and other specialty additives.

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Streamline Your Process for Better Throughput

  • Improve processes and throughput in the manufacturing of commercial and specialty vehicles with 3M™ Glass Bubbles. These high-strength, low-density additives made from a water-resistant and chemically stable soda-lime-borosilicate glass offer a variety of advantages over conventional irregularly shaped mineral fillers or glass fiber. They're used in a variety of advanced materials for commercial applications, including thermoplastics, sheet and bulk molding composites (SMC/BMC), underbody coatings, structural foams and auto body fillers to reduce weight, improve dimensional stability, reduce overall material costs and more.

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