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Materials for Work Zone Signage & Traffic Control Device

Materials for Work Zone Signage & Traffic Control Devices

  • 3M offers a full line of high-performance materials to provide enhanced visibility and improved safety for temporary traffic control in construction work zones.

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Reflective Sheeting for Work Zone Signs

Reflective Sheeting for Traffic Control Devices

Pavement Markings for Construction Zones

Work Zone Signage Materials by Performance Levels

Work Zones Video Library

Quick Tips for Work Zone Materials

  • Work zone signage and devices

    Work zones create unique needs for signs & traffic control devices

    The dynamic nature of work zones creates unique needs for traffic control devices. Road construction zones interfere with normal traffic flow, causing dangerous and unexpected conditions. Road construction projects are further complicated by nighttime work lighting and visual clutter, growing traffic, inclement weather, poor driving conditions, workers next to traveling vehicles, and an aging driving population.

    Bright, conspicuous guidance day and night is critical for the safety of drivers and workers alike. Effective signage, pavement markings, and traffic control devices can provide enhanced visibility and improved safety by alerting motorists to changes in conditions, road work location and activity, traffic speed and volume, road configurations, and more.

  • Sign Retroreflectivity and Fluorescence

    How Fluorescence & Retroreflectivity Help

    Fluorescent colors capture motorists’ attention by emitting more light energy than conventional colors, especially during dawn and dusk. Studies have shown that fluorescent orange signs are attributable to positive impacts on driver behavior, from decreasing traffic conflicts to getting motorists to move from the left lane earlier. To learn more about fluorescence, check out Fluorescent Traffic Signs Explained.

    Retroreflection occurs when a surface returns a large portion of directed light beam back to its source. Retroreflective materials appear brightest to observers nearest the light source (such as a motorist). The object’s brightness depends on the intensity of the light striking the object and the materials the object is made of. To learn more, check out What is Retroreflectivity & Why is it Important?.

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