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3M Advanced Engineer Grade Prismatic
3M Advanced Engineer Grade Prismatic

Micro-seal technology. Making signs shine.


3M™ Advanced Engineer Grade Prismatic Sheeting

  • 3M Advanced Engineer Grade Prismatic Sheeting Series 7930 leverages micro seal technology, giving it a more uniform visual appearance compared to conventional engineer grade prismatic counterparts, and a whiter base color compared to beaded sheeting.

    • Certified: Meets ASTM D4956 Type 1 Engineer Grade specification.
    • Workable: Micro-seal technology provides a flexible and easy-to-handle material.
    • Visual Appeal: Helps enable visually uniform images and graphics.


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Where to use Advanced Engineer Grade Sheeting

  • Caution & Safety Sign with 3M Advanced Engineer Grade sheeting
    Caution & Safety Signs

    Signs to post any place there is a potentially hazardous situation

  • Private Property Sign
    Private Property or Private Road Sign

    Advise traffic flow on private property or inform where parking is permitted on private roads.

  • Private Roadway Sign
    Parking Lot Sign

    Communicate restricted locations or recognize achievement.

How it compares to conventional engineer grade sign sheeting

  • Compare reflective sign sheeting- Advanced Engineer Grade vs conventional Engineer Grade

How to apply 3M Advanced Engineer Grade Prismatic

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