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3M PELTOR X Series Earmuff X1A


The difference between protection and dedication. What’s really protecting your workers from noise-induced hearing loss? Years of commitment to hearing protection by the dedicated scientists and researchers from 3M Hearing Protection. With a full line of ear muffs, you can rest easy knowing that your workforce — and your business — is protected by 3M science. And that makes a world of difference.

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  • The 3M earmuffs combine 3M PELTOR’s legendary hearing protection knowledge with our most advanced technologies, creating our most comfortable, durable earmuff. A broad range of protection levels make it easier to find the correct level of protection.

3M™ PELTOR™ Earmuffs X Series

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Applied to moderate-to-high industrial noises, lightweight 3M™ X Series Earmuffs are the perfect match. With a designed spacer, specially formulated foam liners, and innovative ear cushions, our science can help you to improve attenuation. The X Series is 3M™ E-A-Rfit™ compatible.

    • NRR 22 dB over-the-head 21 dB hard hat attached
    • Ultra slim earmuffs for low noise level environments
    • E-A-RFit compatible
    • NRR 24 dB over-the-head 24 dB hard hat attached
    • Lightweight earmuffs for low - moderate noise level environments
    • E-A-RFit compatible
    • NRR 28 dB over-the-head 25 dB hard hat attached
    • High protection earmuffs for moderate - high noise level environments
    • E-A-RFit compatible
    • NRR 27 dB over-the-head 25 dB hard hat attached
    • Extremely lightweight, low-profile earmuffs for use in high-noise exposure situations
    • E-A-RFit compatible
    • NRR 31 dB over-the-head 31 dB hard hat attached
    • 3M's highest attenuation earmuffs for very high-noise exposures
    • E-A-RFit compatible

3M™ PELTOR™ Optime™ Earmuffs Series

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Bringing hearing conservation to a whole new level. Find which pair is best for you is as easy as reading the dB number on the side.

3M™ PELTOR™ Earmuffs - Specialty Series

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Protection that’s specialized. For your industry-specific needs, you can be confident our products will do the job, and that they are backed up by all the support and advice you’ve grown to trust

    • NRR 17 dB
    • Behind-the-head style
    • This welding earmuff features a low-profile design that fits comfortably under most welding helmets, as well as a semi-soft cup surface that minimizes scratch sound transmission. With a two-point suspension for balanced pressure distribution, this advanced earmuff delivers the comfortable hearing protection that professionals need in a wide range of welding environments.
    • NRR 24 dB over-the-head 23 dB hard hat attached
    • The earmuff is ultra light and features orange, high visibility cups for added visibility. This versatile, over-the- head earmuff has a stainless steel headband that resists bending and warping. The ear cups help provide comfort. The ear cup is designed with a thinner profile at the top of the cup to help improve the fit with other personal protection equipment like hard hats.
    • NRR 26 dB over-the-head 23 dB hard hat attached
    • Push-to-listen earmuffs allow workers to listen to speech conversations in noisy backgrounds without changing their earmuffs. Listeners simply press the button to hear conversations and other sounds for 30 seconds. Designed for workers in environments where intermittent face-to-face communication is required.

3M™ E-A-R™ Earmuffs

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Outstanding comfort and hearing protection at budget-conscious prices. Models combine excellent attenuation with comfort durability. They provide protective seals without excess pressure.

    • NRR 25 dB over-the-head 26 dB behind-the-head
    • Large ear cup openings and soft, foam-filled cushions offer a snug, comfortable fit
    • Lightweight
    • NRR 21 dB
    • Hard hat attached style
    • “At-rest” position reduces contact with other gear to reduce contamination and distortion
    • Durable, lightweight construction
    • NRR 20 dB over-the-head 22 dB behind-the-head
    • Large ear cup openings and soft, foam-filled cushions offer a snug, comfortable fit
    • Durable, lightweight construction
    • Low profile

Safety Ratings

  • Hearing Protection Devices (HPDs) are selected based on the noise exposure at the workplace. Other important considerations are comfort, fit, ability to communicate, compatibility with other personal protective equipment and the workplace environment. The following methods can be used to select the most appropriate HPD: Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) or Fit Testing.

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