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Scale Inhibition System

Scale Inhibition System

About 3M's Scale Inhibition Products

  • Help extend the life of household appliances that use hot water (e.g., water heaters and washing machines) and plumbing fixtures (e.g., faucets and shower heads) with the 3M™ Scale Inhibition Water Treatment System, the AP430SS. It balances acidic water conditions, lowering scale buildup and corrosion of pipes and fixtures. Scale buildup inside pipes causes loss of water pressure as the interior gets smaller and smaller over time.

  • Scale Inhibition System AP430SS for Residential Water Filtration
    • The AP430SS system is a great add on to your tank and tankless water heater sale
    • This water treatment system helps protect tank and tankless water heaters by providing a consistent, controlled dose of polyphosphate scale inhibitor
    • Helps protect piping system from corrosion
    • Maintains efficiency and helps extend the life of tank and tankless water heater systems
    • Stainless steel head
    • Easy installation with a 3/4" inlet/outlet connection
    • Scale inhibition at 8gpm

Scale Inhibition System Typical Installation

Typical Scale Inhibition System Installation
  • Important: Diagram shown is for reference purposes only. Read installation and operation manual prior to installing the unit.

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