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    NorthStar Legacy

    Seal the deal. For fast, efficient and powerful results.
    NorthStar Legacy Adhesives for proven performance and reliability.

    Performance this powerful was never this easy.

    • Proven performance is just part of what 3M’s portfolio of NorthStar legacy adhesives bring to your manufacturing process. With each hard-to-bond material you tackle, you save time, increase productivity and reduce labor costs. Our adhesives are trusted worldwide for exceptional performance and customer satisfaction by professionals in the marine, general industrial, woodworking, specialty vehicle and manufactured housing markets.

    Better adhesive formulas for better performance and efficiency

    The 3M NorthStar Legacy line of aerosols, cylinders and bulk adhesives for industrial markets and applications ensure product quality while they save you time, increase your productivity and keep your business humming.

    (Please note: NorthStar-branded products will be transitioning to NS brand.)

    • NauticGrip™

      Reduce your boat-manufacturing costs, increase efficiency and maximize performance. NauticGrip adhesives are designed to help the marine industry work smarter, save time and deliver the best product available.

    • Premier

      Fabric-to-foam, laminate-to-board, plastic, steel, glass, fiberglass and wood – every bond you make holds strong and secure. The fast, convenient and cost-efficient adhesive for the woodworking, furniture, RV and manufactured-home industries.

    • StarStuk

      For woodworking, RV construction or manufactured-home building, when your job demands an adhesive that goes on quickly and performs like a champ, StarStuk delivers. StarStuk is the professional choice for temperature-resistant laminating adhesives, specialty adhesives for Styrofoam, general purpose adhesives for low-temperature or temporary bonds and more.

    • NorthStar

      Strength and durability are hallmarks of this adhesive formulated with the highest solids in the industry. Designed for the general industrial, woodworking, display and store fixture markets, NorthStar adhesives meet customer demands for fast, efficient assembly.

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