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Rig Fabrication & Maintenance

Rig Fabrication & Maintenance

  • Overview

    3M has the rig maintenance tools and materials you need to keep your facility running efficiently.

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Product Categories

  • Corrosion Protection

    Reduce downtime and rig maintenance costs, and help extend equipment life even in harsh environments with 3M Corrosion Protection.

  • Grinding, Stripping & Finishing

    From everyday staples like sandpaper to specialized superabrasives for cutting polycrystalline diamond, there is a 3M Industrial Abrasive for your application.

  • Electrical Construction & Maintenance

    3M offers a broad range of electrical solutions for faster and safer installations and long-term reliability in low, medium and high-voltage applications.

  • Sealing & Repairing

    3M is a world leader in advanced adhesive technologies, offering a broad range of products for a variety of construction and MRO applications, including sealing, structural bonding, and concrete repair.

  • Bonding & Masking

    One of 3M's core technologies, industrial tapes are available in a wide array of configurations for a virtually unlimited number of applications, including, surface protection, painting and masking, hazard identification, reflective tapes and flame retardant tapes.

  • Cleaning & Lubricating

    Keep your facilities clean and running efficiently with a wide range of 3M cleaners and lubricants for sensitive environments.

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