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Electrical Construction & Repair

Electrical Construction & Repair

  • Overview

    3M offers a broad range of electrical materials for low, medium and high-voltage applications. Essential oil and gas electrical components, connectors, detection equipment and more help make installation faster and easier.

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Product Categories

  • Cable Splicing & Termination

    3M™ Cold Shrink Joint Kits and Termination Kits use advanced silicone technology to provide an easily installed, safe and reliable sealing solution – making cold shrink an especially valuable tool for the Oil and Gas industry.

  • Cleaning & Adhering

    A range of pioneering products, from sustainable 3M™ Novec™ Aerosol Cleaners to the latest generation of Scotch® Electrical tape, engineered to keep your equipment working like new.

  • Connecting

    Connectors covering the entire 600-volt copper wire range – with the exact features most requested by electricians.

  • Wire Bundling, Identifying & Pulling

    Organize and secure cables; mark, identify and lubricate wires to lessen the chance of damage from high pulling forces.

  • Fire Protection

    3M offers a variety of easy-to-install passive fire protection products. Protect through-penetrations of electrical, data or communications cables with these caulks, tapes, mats, sealants and more.

  • Insulating & Sealing

    Since inventing the first vinyl electrical tape, 3M has continued to engineer a wide range of high-performance products for insulating, jacketing, protecting, padding and sealing.

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