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    Cable Splicing & Termination

    Cable Splicing & Termination

    • Overview

      Cold shrink technology has been used by the power industry since 3M introduced it nearly 40 years ago. It provides dependable, time-saving solutions for applications in low-, medium- and high-voltage installations.

      3M™ Cold Shrink Joint Kits and Termination Kits use advanced silicone technology to provide an easily installed, safe and reliable sealing solution – making cold shrink an especially valuable tool for the Oil and Gas industry.

      3M Cold Shrink Joints and Cable Terminations are designed to provide high reliability and save you time and money. They install safely and easily, helping to reduce potential craft errors. They require no tools, sealants, adhesives, torches or other heat sources. 3M puts every stress cone and joint through x-ray and electrical (AC/partial discharge) tests.

      Once installed, the cold shrink component creates a dynamic, compressive environmental seal and electrical interface without sealants or adhesives. It resists ultra-violet radiation, ozone and industry-approved cable cleaners. The 3M cold shrink system is engineered for fast, economical installation and dependable, trouble-free performance – improving the reliability of your connections in a wide range of applications.

      3M™ Cold Shrink Joint Kits and Termination Kits (PDF, 2.41MB)

    Making your trusted connections

    • Cold Shrink

      Cold Shrink Technology

      3M cold shrink technology utilizes unique silicone materials that are stretched onto a removable plastic core. This silicone has a memory: it wants to return to its original size. And so, as the core is removed or “unwound,” the silicone rubber shrinks around the joint or cable termination, creating a watertight seal.

      Unlike heat shrink technology, which only conforms to a cable at a snapshot in time, cold shrink provides a “living seal” which stretches and shrinks in symmetry with the cable through various temperature changes.

      Cold shrink materials, again unlike conventional heat shrink products, requires no adhesives, sealants, torches or other tools for installation, taking between 3 and 5 fewer process steps than for heat shrink technology – reducing the chance for error and failure at every step. Easier to position on the cable than heat shrink materials, cold shrink products are also more versatile. And to ensure maximum reliability, each 3M cold shrink product is factory tested.

    • A History of Cold Shrink

      Invented by 3M over 40 years ago, cold shrink technology has become a key industry tool for safe installation and reliable performance. The 3M culture of innovation continues to foster further advances – developing cutting-edge joint and termination products for your most challenging applications.

    • 3M Oil & Gas Applications

      Oil & Gas Applications

      The harsh conditions encountered in Oil and Gas industry applications can cause premature deterioration of electrical joints and terminations, which in turn can lead to electrical system failure and unscheduled plant shutdowns. To reduce the possibility of electrical failure – and avoid potentially devastating losses in revenue per day – oil and gas facilities need a product that can survive pollution, corrosion and chemical hazards.

      However, the conventional sealing solution of heat shrink material typically requires the use of open flames; this can pose a serious safety concern in petrochemical facilities, as it could ignite fumes and spark a fire or explosion. Special permits are therefore required for the use of flame in oil and gas environments, and it can take up to 3 months to acquire these permits. In addition, conventional splicing and termination methods require larger crews, which is more costly, puts more people at risk, and increases the possibility for craft error.

      Cold shrink technology from 3M offers a safe solution that avoids exposure to direct flame in flammable or explosive hydrocarbon environments. Best of all, 3M cold shrink joints and terminations deliver highly reliable long-term performance – even in extremely harsh environments.

    • Cold Shrink

      Take a Look Inside

      3M™ Cold Shrink Termination Kit QT-III meets or exceeds the requirements of:

      • IEEE 48, Class 1, for 69kV
      • IEC 60840 for 72.5kV

    • Technical Support

      We’re with you in the trenches. Even the most innovative technology will have little benefit, unless it is matched to the application and correctly applied. That’s why all 3M cable accessories are backed by a global network of technical support, sales and supply chain specialists. Their expertise is always available to help suggest alternatives for you to evaluate and select a solution optimized for your requirements – with training, installation assistance, custom configurations and more.

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