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Water Filtration Systems for Paper Manufacturing

  • The pulp and paper industry uses a significant amount of water during the paper making process. Utilizing high efficiency filtration equipment helps improve the quality of incoming water.

    Because water comes from various sources including rivers, lakes, wells, and municipalities, water quality may vary, especially during seasonal changes and after storms. Water becomes an even greater concern when you consider the need to protect valuable processing equipment too. Solving water contamination problems is a challenge for every mill. 3M water filtration products can help reduce certain contaminants that may affect the quality of your water supply.

    • Absolute-rated cartridge filters for filtration efficiency at the specified reduction rating.
    • Betapure™ BK series filters feature rigid resin bonded structure, to help prevent by-pass or unloading at high differential pressure. The grooved surface and true graded porosity structure help extend service life.

Water Filtration Products