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Splicing and cover tapes

  • 3M web processing products that keep your presses moving. Our splicing and cover tapes make splicing webs easier and more efficient, and the splices themselves stronger and more reliable. Our splicing tapes are designed with the right amount of tack and shear strength for each type of splice—from splittable flying splicing to zero speed splicing to V and W pattern splicing. Each tape type has innovative features to help streamline your process, minimize press downtime and save you money.

    • Innovative construction for reliable, consistent performance
    • Application in a variety of conditions and temperatures, and for different weight papers and for different surface energy films
    • Splittable tapes with a fiber-free breakout mechanism that minimizes debris contamination and can result in fewer blanket washes for commercial printers
    • Cover tapes are double coated tapes that add adhesive surface area, or thickness to compensate for profile.
    • Many tapes are repulpable

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