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    Beer Microfiltration Applications

    Beer Microfiltration with 3M Filtration Products

    • Beer contamination is one of your worst nightmares. Bacteria and wild yeast can ruin your entire barrel, producing “off” flavors and aromas, hazy coloration and films. Our microporous membrane filters reduce microorganisms in non-pasteurized beer, providing a clear glass with a clean taste.

    3M Products for Beer Microfiltration

    • Use Zeta Plus™ H Series Filter Cartridges when putting your brews through the ringer of high-temperature operation and sanitation. Rely on Zeta Plus filter media to help remove microorganisms too small for standard mechanical straining.

    • LifeASSURE™ BLA Series Filter Cartridges can be used for initial or final filtration of lagers and ales. Composed of a multi-zone microporous nylon membrane, our BLA series helps remove effluent microorganisms.

    • Keep your brews free of yeast, bacteria and other contaminants with Zeta Plus™ MH Series dual-zone depth filter cartridges. With their dual-layer media design, they trap contaminants and reduce plugging for optimal clarification and pre-filtration.

    • The LifeASSURE™ BA Series Filter Cartridge helps produce clean, delicious beer by reducing contamination by yeast, molds and spoilage microorganisms that can foul its taste and appearance. The robust nylon 6,6 membrane offers excellent flow, low pressure drop and long service life.

    • Great beer depends on the best filtration. The Zeta Plus™ BC Series Filter Capsule with H Series Media uses electrokinetic adsorption technology to adsorb contaminants too small for mechanical straining alone.

    • Zeta Plus™ H Series Media Sheets are tough. Their high wet-tensile strength stands up to repetitive steaming and sanitation cycles. And each charge-modified sheet adsorbs tiny microorganisms that evade mechanical straining.

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