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Water Filtration for Beer Applications

3M Water Filtration for Beer Production

  • Beer is comprised of up to 95% water, and filtered water is essential to creating a great-tasting finished product. Our advanced purification filter cartridges outperform bag filters, helping you control particulate, residual chlorine and microorganisms in brewery water, so your distinct flavor comes through in every batch.

3M Water Filtration Products for Beer Production

  • The 3M™ DF series filter element is a robust alternative to standard bag filters. The filter resists rupture and contaminant bypass, reducing the cost of frequent filter changes, disposal and downtime.

  • When beer production is your life, LifeASSURE™ BLA Series Filter Cartridges are your best defense against microorganisms. Our BLA series filters employ a multi-zone nylon membrane to reduce effluent microorganisms during initial or final filtration.

  • The absolute-rated Betapure™ NT-T Series Filter Cartridge provides long service life and consistant filtration performance.

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