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    Turbidity and Particle Control in Soft Drink Water

    Turbidity and Particle Control in Soft Drink Water

    • Quality water is the foundation of any successful soft drink enterprise and the reduction of turbidity and individual particles in your operation’s water supply is key to producing a clear, clean product. Reduce the haze associated with turbidity and large amounts of particulate in your water supply with 3M cartridge filters.

    Products for Turbidity and Particle Control in Soft Drink Water

    • 3M™ DF Series Filter Cartridge

      For high quality soft drinks, replace your bag filters with 3M™ DF series filter cartridges. The DF series filter has a true graded porosity media structure for efficient contaminant capture and long service life.

    • Betapure™ NT-T Series Filter Cartridge

      Sodas and non-carbonated drinks maintain their trademark color and taste with Betapure™ NT-T Series Filter Cartridges. This absolute-rated filter helps remove harmful contaminants and provides long service life.

    Using 3M Cartridge Filters

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