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    Haze Reduction for Distilled Spirits Applications

    Haze Reduction Filters for Distilled Spirits Manufacturing

    • The same barrels that impart great taste to whiskey, brandy and rum can also be responsible for a hazy appearance. Our lenticular-style depth filter cartridges help eliminate spirit leakage and reduce alcohol fume emission, all while reducing haze in your final product.

    Products for Haze Reduction in Distilled Spirits Manufacturing

    • Haze control starts with a Zeta Plus™ H Series Filter Cartridges. Advanced filter media helps efficiently remove particles during high-temperature operation or sanitation cycles for results you can see in every bottle.

    • Use Zeta Plus™ MH Series dual-zone depth filters for better contamination containment and long life. Its design traps large particles in the upper zone and small contaminants, such as yeast and bacteria, in the lower zone for a clearer, cleaner spirit.

    • Zeta Plus™ H Series Media Sheets adsorb and help remove contaminants too small to be trapped by mechanical straining alone. And they stand up to heat and repeated use, so you change filters less often.

    • The absolute-rated Betapure™ NT-T Series Filter Cartridge provides long service life and consistant filtration performance.

    Training for Using 3M Depth Filters

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