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    Particle Reduction in Distilled Spirits Filtration

    Particle Reduction Filters for Distilled Spirits Manufacturing

    • Your finely distilled spirit is a product of history, tradition and pride. Contaminants such as particles or fibers can detract from the appearance, taste, and perceived value of the finished product. Achieve great clarity with 3M filters, designed to help ensure that any visible particles or fibers in your spirits due to process contamination, carbon treatment or barrel aging are cleared prior to bottling.

    Products for Particle Reduction in Distilled Spirits Manufacturing

    • For the purest spirits, replace your bag filters with 3M™ DF series filter cartridges. The DF series filter has a true graded porosity media structure for efficient contaminant capture and long service life.

    • For a clean, smooth finish, Zeta Plus™ H Series Filter Cartridges help remove particles in distilled spirits during high-temperature operation or sanitation cycles, capturing contaminants too small for mechanical straining. The proof is in the taste.

    • The Betapure™ NT-T Series Filter Cartridge is absolute-rated, and the polypropylene media allows for broad chemical and temperature compatibility.

    • Change filters less often and remove more contaminants with the Zeta Plus™ MH Series dual-zone depth filter. The dual-zone design captures and holds particles than bags without plugging, so they last longer while providing optimal clarification and pre-filtration.

    • Bring on the heat – this one can take it! Zeta Plus™ H Series Media Sheets endure high-temperature operation and sanitation cycles with great results. Charge-modified to remove particles too small for mechanical straining alone.

    • Improve the quality of your distilled spirits while you reduce costs with our Zeta Plus™ BC Series Filter Capsule. It uses a charge-modified depth filter to absorb contaminants too small for mechanical straining alone.

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