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    Particle Reduction in Bottled Water Manufacturing

    Particle Reduction Filters for Bottled Water Manufacturing

    • Consumers expect bottled water to be clean, clear, and particle free. Look to 3M™ DF Series and Betapure™ NT-T Series filter cartridges to help you control particulates, reduce cloudiness and maintain the natural flavor of all bottled water products. Use 3M filters at the bore hole; the tanker off-load; prior to silo storage; or after carbon, sand or multi-media filters for a consistently clear finished product in every bottle.

    Products for Particle Reduction in Bottled Water Manufacturing

    • Better-tasting water begins with 3M’s DF series filter cartridge. The filter media also resists rupture and lasts up to four times longer, reducing costs associated with frequent filter changes, disposal and downtime.

    • Purified, mineral or sparkling, use 3M’s Betapure™ NT-T Series Filter Cartridge to improve your water purity.

    Training for Using 3M Cartridge Filters

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