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    Microbiological Control with Membrane Filters in Bottled Water Manufacturing

    3M Membrane Filters for Microbiological Control in Bottled Water Manufacturing

    • Most people don’t think twice about storing bottled water in a hot garage or car trunk, but if that water hasn’t been properly processed, those bottles may harbor contaminants. 3M developed LifeASSURE™ series filters with bottled water producers in mind. Our filters help reduce microorganisms throughout the bottling process. And LifeASSURE™ membrane filters offer superior durability for common cleaning and sanitation protocols so you can switch filters less frequently for more production up time.

    Membrane Filter Products for Microbiological Control

    • Use LifeASSURE™ BLA Series Filter Cartridges to clarify your bottled water during initial and final filtration. The BLA series reduces liquid contaminants using a multi-zone microporous nylon membrane that provides long service life for fewer costly change outs.

    • LifeASSURE™ BNA045 & BNA065 Series Filter Cartridges reduce spoilage-causing microorganisms that can ruin water even after bottling. Using a highly asymmetric membrane, these cartridges offer high contaminant capacity, high flow and low pressure drop.

    • The LifeASSURE™ BA Series Filter Cartridges reduce microorganisms that can foul water taste and appearance. The robust nylon 6,6 membrane offers faster flow rates and the durable cartridge stands up to repeated hot water sanitation cycles.

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