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    Thousands of ways to answer "what if…"
    • Surface tension reducer. Clean extrusion additive. Lightweighting materials. Innovative product designs rely on equally innovative raw materials and components to succeed. 3M specialty materials can make your products better and your processes more reliable. Find the right 3M specialty products for thousands of applications and challenges here.

    Design and Specialty Materials Products

    • Advanced Ceramics

      3M Advanced Ceramics provide innovative solutions in industries from fuel cells to aerospace to petroleum processing.

    • Ceramic Microspheres

      These unique, high-strength, ceramic microspheres are ideal options for increasing hardness, providing gloss control, reducing VOC, and improving the scrub and abrasion resistance of a variety of paint and coating formulations.

    • Fluorochemicals

      Fluorochemical additives that can improve leveling, alter wettability, seal and repel stains on porous surfaces, and more.

    • Fluoropolymers

      Our fluoropolymers are developed to withstand the most challenging conditions–from extreme temperatures to harsh chemical environments–enhancing production efficiency, performance and reliability.

    • Glass Bubbles

      Hollow glass microspheres with a high strength-to-density ratio. Lightweight but with a strength for processing survival. Potential enhancements include improved productivity, high filler loading, reduced warpage/shrinkage, sandability, and more.

    • Nepheline Syenite

      3M Nepheline Syenite is an essential raw material for products including porcelain floor tile.

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    Finding the right product, with so many advanced capabilities available, can be a challenge. Contact one of our technical specialist for expert help identifying the right solution for your application.

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