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Introducing 3M™ Curos™ Stopper Disinfecting Cap for Open Female Luers

Introducing Curos™ Stopper Cap for Open Female Luers

Now you can cover stopcocks and catheter hubs with confidence.

Our latest addition to the Curos disinfecting port protectors family, 3M™ Curos™ Stopper Disinfecting Caps for Open Female Luers, allows you to disinfect and protect open female luers. Meeting the high efficacy standards of Curos port protectors, Curos stopper caps utilize 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to disinfect critical surfaces of open female luers, prior to line access.

3M™ Curos™ Stopper Disinfecting Caps for Open Female Luers:

  • 1 minute disinfection
    Disinfects in 1 minute. Protects open female luers for up to 7 days if not removed.
  • Kills 99.9%  of bacteria
    Achieved a 99.99% reduction in 6 microbes commonly associated with Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections(1,2)
  • Designed for female luers
    Are designed to luer lock onto a wide range of open female luers, such as stopcocks and catheter hubs.
  • closed system
    Will hold pressure to maintain a closed system.
  • Dispensing
    Are dispensed as individual caps or on a convenient 5-cap strip, which can be hung from I.V. poles for easy access.
  • Compliance
    Are brightly colored making it easy to verify that a port is clean at a glance and making it easy to measure compliance with protocol.

Circle of Disinfection and Protection

Download Product Family Brochure (PDF, 3.1 MB)
  • With this latest addition, the Curos brand now offers a full circle of disinfection and protection for intraluminal access points including:

    • Needleless Connectors
    • Male Luers
    • Catheter Hubs
    • Stopcocks
    • Tego® Hemodialysis Connectors
  • Curos Circle of Protection
  • 1. For more information regarding organisms associated with central line–associated bloodstream infections, refer to: Sievert, D. M., Ricks, P., Edwards, J. R., Schneider, A., Patel, J., Srinivasan, A., . . . Fridkin, S. (2013). Antimicrobial-Resistant Pathogens Associated with Healthcare-Associated Infections: Summary of Data Reported to the National Healthcare Safety Network at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2009–2010. Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, 34(01), 1-14. doi:10.1086/668770.

    2. Data reflects in vitro findings on Curos™ Disinfecting Port Protectors.

    Tego® is a trademark of ICU Medical, Inc. 3M™ Curos™ disinfecting caps are not affiliated with ICU Medical, Inc.

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