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Depth Filters for Chemical API Manufacturing

Depth Filters for Chemical API Manufacturing
Efficient Filtration

Our depth filters can accommodate a wide range of applications and conditions for the most critical filtering steps in chemical API manufacturing.

Chemical API - Depth Filters Overview

  • Helping to achieve high quality advanced filtration, 3M™ Zeta Plus™ filters are available in a variety of configurations, ranging in size from laboratory to full-scale chemical API manufacturing. They extend capacity and protect downstream unit operations thereby helping to lower the overall manufacturing costs.

    Some of our advanced 3M Zeta Plus filters have two distinct layers, an open upstream "zone" and a tighter downstream "zone". This design enhances the contaminant holding capacity of the filter media, since larger particles are trapped in the upper zone and smaller particles are trapped in the lower zone, reducing premature plugging and extending filter service life.

Depth Filters Product Categories

  • For superior retention of contaminants by both mechanical entrapment and electrokinetic adsorption, 3M Zeta Plus depth filters are designed with high-surface-area filter aids embedded in a cellulose fiber matrix for optimum filtration. Our advanced filters offer high contaminant-holding capacity while providing economical filtration and reliable particle reduction.

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