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    Chromatography Filters for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

    Chromatography Filters for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
    The Chromatography Filter Solution

    Our 3M chromatography single use hybrid purifiers -- for soluble and insoluble impurities removal – are multi-mechanism single-use devices containing Q-functional anion exchange media integrated with a fine particle, bioburden reduction membrane.

    Biopharmaceutical Chromatography Filters Overview

    • For greater chromatography column efficiency and economy in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, 3M provides a hybrid design of chromatraphic and membrane separation combined in one filter. One separation is based on charge strength and the other is based on size.

      The filter is a combination of two types of media (Q-functional nonwoven and membrane) that work together to provide unsurpassed product purity when using a single unit operation. The defined pore size of the qualifying membrane provides removal of insoluble particles well below 0.1 µm in size, resulting in superior turbidity reduction. At the same time, the high chromatographic capacity of the Q-functional nonwoven provides substantial reduction of negatively charged, soluble impurities including DNA and HCP.

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