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Activated Carbon Filters for Chemical API Manufacturing

Activated Carbon Filters for Chemical API Manufacturing
Superior Filters, Efficient Processes

Save steps, help reduce costs and improve overall chemical API™ manufacturing operations without compromising purity, using 3M™ Zeta Plus™ Activated Carbon Filters.

Chemical API Activated Carbon Filters Overview

  • Zeta Plus™ Activated Carbon Filters reduce operator exposure to carbon dust. They also combine the filtration and carbon color removal step to improve process efficiency while achieving high quality impurity removal.

    By offering multiple grades of carbon, we offer comprehensive solutions for your API color removal steps. 3M filters help reduce overall cost of operations by making the process simple and efficient.

    From decolorization of chemical API reactor streams, to removing and recovering valuable precious-metal catalysts, to removal of trace organic contaminants from x-ray contrast media, our Zeta Plus™ Filters offer robust and efficient purification performance.

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