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    3M Products for Solar Energy

    Designed for efficiency. Built to last.

    With a portfolio of more than 45 advanced core technologies and a 100-year history of industrial innovation, 3M is uniquely positioned to help you develop solutions that enhance reliability and improve the performance of your solar technologies.

    Solar Tapes

    Learn about 3M Tape for Solar Panel Fabrication (PDF, 1.91 MB)

    3M is a leading manufacturer of tapes for a variety of applications and industries. And no one offers a broader range of high performance and specialty tapes for bonding, sealing, protecting, masking and mounting. 3M™ Solar Tapes can help you control costs, speed assembly and improve reliability.

    • 3M Solar Tape can be used in solar panel fabrication
    • 3M Solar Tape Applications for Solar Panel Fabrication

      3M brings you a wide variety of tapes, engineered especially for CPV, CSP, c-Si and thin film solar applications:

      • Frame and rail bonding
      • Junction box attachment
      • Cell positioning
      • Charge collection
      • Dielectric insulation
      • Cosmetic tracing

    Solar Films

    3M is one of the world's leading suppliers of advanced films—from materials that provide very high barriers to oxygen and moisture, to precision-coated, multilayer electronic display films that are tuned to transmit or reflect specific wavelengths. With decades of design and manufacturing expertise, 3M can tailor films with properties and configurations to meet your specifications for a variety of solar applications.