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3M Splices for Electrical Construction and Maintenance


3M Splices for Electrical Construction and Maintenance

Electrical Splices
Electrical Splices
  • 3M Electrical Splices

    Reduce the time, labor and cost that comes with electrical cable splicing. 3M Electrical Splices offer reliability and ease of use when tackling a wide range of installations and voltages.

    The 3M electrical splice product line covers splicing needs from 1000 V to 145 kV Class and utilizes field-proven technologies to provide dependable performance, stability and durability with every splice you make.

3M Electrical Splice Products

  • Low Voltage Splices

    Low Voltage Splices, 1 kV or Less

    For installations from 120 V to 1 kV, 3M offers several low voltage splice options, including 3M-developed cold shrink technology, heat shrink, resin and tape. 3M™ Low Voltage Splices are reliable in buried, overhead, indoor or outdoor applications.

  • Medium Voltage Splices

    Medium Voltage Splices, 1 kV - 46 kV

    For medium-voltage applications ranging from 1 kV to 46 kV, 3M provides splicing options in molded rubber, tape and resin kits. 3M also offers splices for underground and indoor use featuring cold shrink technology that 3M pioneered.

  • High Voltage Joints & Splices

    High Voltage Joints and Splices, 69 kV–145 kV

    For high-voltage applications ranging from 69 kV to 145 kV class, 3M offers cold shrink cable joints and splices. Cold shrink offers a universal fit for cable joints that can be customized for your application. Count on 3M to support your application with comprehensive technical support throughout the installation process.

  • Mining Splice Kits

    Mining Splice Kits

    Let 3M’s technical expertise work for you. With a wide variety of products to meet your high voltage splicing needs in the Mining industry, 3M offers the right product for the right application.

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