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      3M™ Aerosol Sprays are formulated for industrial performance and feature adhesive and cleaning solutions you can count on.
      3M Electrical Aerosols line offers solutions for applications requiring durability, quick drying time and high contact strength. 3M electrical aerosols are ideal for applications in production manufacturing and operations.

      3M™ Novec™ Aerosol Cleaners give you a new way to meet today’s electronics and precision cleaning challenges. Combining fast, effective cleaning performance with a wide margin of safety for workers and a favorable environmental profile, these cleaners dry-fast are non-flammable, have low toxicity, and are non-corrosive, with virtually no residue.

      Scotch® Insulating Spray 1601 and 1602-R are also available to help protect surfaces against weather, moisture, corrosion, oil, alkalis and acids. Use Scotch electrical insulating spray to spray over insulation on wire and cable splices, as a general-purpose sealer, or for touch-up insulation on motor windings and frames.

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