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Electrical Mastic Tapes

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  • Electrical Mastic Tapes

    3M™ Electrical Mastic Tapes seal out moisture and protects against corrosion without the need for heating tools or using multiple tapes. These 3M Tapes have a rubber mastic base and are laminated to all weather vinyl to provide double-duty protection in one wrap.

    Two tapes in one, 3M Electrical Mastic Tapes are specifically designed for cable sheath repair, splice case and load coil case protection, auxiliary sleeve and cable reel end sealing, drop wire insulating, conduit repair and protection of CATV components as well as other general taping applications. 3M Electrical Mastic Tapes are RoHS compliant and available in four sizes ranging from 1 ½"" to 22"" (38 mm-559 mm).

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