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3M Flexible Circuits for Electronics
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3M Flexible Circuits for Electronics

About 3M Flexible Circuits

  • Close-up of grayscale fine pitch traces with a curved via to pad, done by SCM

    With more than 25 years of flexible printed circuit (FPC) development and manufacturing, 3M is able to turn your designs into mass-produced flexible circuits and deliver the quality you expect. We serve major OEM's in medical device, inkjet printers, and other markets by providing one-, two- and multi-layer fine pitch flexible circuits. We have developed capabilities and materials to support your FPC design requirements and offer high volume roll-to-roll manufacturing and panel-based manufacturing options. We help you develop your FPC designs into fine pitch flexible circuits using our services, including circuit design and SMS assembly.

Specialty Applications for Flexible Circuits

3M supplies custom 1- and 2-metal layer flexible circuits for fine pitch and/or high-density applications. With bench-to-bench engagement, we will apply our advanced engineering services to help optimize your application, from initial design through volume production.

  • Female nurse and female doctor examine tablet with wall full of illuminated x-rays in the background

    Medical Devices and Diagnostics

    You can achieve increased routing density with our ultra thin flexible circuit materials and state-of-the-art circuit processing techniques. This efficient routing density allows you to design ultrasound transducers and digital x-ray sensors with greater sensitivity and more elements per unit. We pride ourselves in helping you meet the demand for higher resolution and real time imaging devices capable of detecting even the most miniscule of human anomalies.

    For decades, 3M has designed and manufactured a variety of flexible circuits, collaborating with the leading experts in the medical imaging industry. Our engineers clearly understand the detailed technical requirements for applications ranging from ultrasound transducer probes to digital x-ray detector panels. We are here to help customers confidently and rapidly move from conceptualization to market. Our global presence enables our customers to receive support for their development process and needs no matter where they are located.

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    We have an efficient, high-volume, roll-to-roll manufacturing process and material sets that fit the performance requirements for flexible circuits in inkjet printer applications. Our expertise in materials enables solder mask and cover-lay solutions for long-life corrosion protection in harsh ink environments. Our fine-pitch circuitization allows for device size reduction, while our polyimide etching allows backside access to pads and cantilevered leads to support Tape Automated Bonding (TAB) techniques. We welcome new challenges and are ready to help find solutions that fit your unique applications.

Manufacturing Capabilities

3M invests in manufacturing assets, people and expertise so customers do not have to. By choosing 3M, you can leverage our manufacturing scale and gain from the experience and knowledge of our engineers, helping to improve your time to market and quality of products. Through business collaboration, robust engineering processes, and material science, 3M will help enable your design success.

  • Panel Processing

    Canoga Park, California

    ISO 9001:2008 (quality management system for design and manufacture)

  • Roll-to-Roll Processing

    3M Singapore Pte Ltd Woodlands Plant and Innovation Centre

    ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007

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