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3M Embedded Capacitance Material for Data Center

3M Embedded Capacitance Material for Data Center
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3M Embedded Capacitance Material for Data Center

close-up of orange printed circuit board (PCB) and circuitry
Streamline circuit designs. Speed to market.

About 3M Embedded Capacitance Material (ECM)

  • Designing devices for today’s rapidly changing market requires responding to long-term trends such as rising speeds, decreasing voltages and miniaturization. But making electronics smaller, lighter and faster creates increased challenges with power and signal integrity, electromagnetic compatibility and printed circuit board (PCB) complexity.

    Offering high capacitance density, 3M Embedded Capacitance Material (ECM) helps respond to these challenges and get your designs built faster. These laminate materials can be embedded into PCB and chip packages for high-speed digital and signal filter designs. They help increase usable board area while decreasing the resonance that causes EMI and reducing power bus noise and PCB impedance.

    They also designed to dissipate heat better than thin FR-4 due to higher thermal conductivity and low thermal impedance. Together these features help solve performance issues earlier in the design cycle for improved board reliability and lower costs.

Enabling robust printed circuit board (PCB) design

  • Sheet of copper-colored 3M Embedded Capacitance Material (ECM), peeling back  top layer

    There are three major trends guiding device designers as they develop the next generation of printed circuit boards (PCBs) – miniaturization, increased component density and the market’s need for continuous performance improvements.

    High-performance PCBs typically require more components, which significantly complicates design, fabrication and assembly. EMI and diminished signal integrity also pose greater challenges as PCBs get smaller, faster and denser.

    Using 3M™ Embedded Capacitance Material helps lower voltage ripple and dampens board resonance, leading to reduced impedance and EMI. It also reduces the number of decoupling connectors needed, helping eliminate space constraints on miniaturized devices. This means you can offer PCBs with dramatically improved performance without complicating your process.

Support you need. Across the globe.

  • Designing electronics that push the boundaries of power density, reliability and cost efficiency requires more than just a supplier - you need an expert. With the technical and industry expertise, we can help you build the product that you have in mind. As innovators in high performance ECM, we have the global reach you need with local application and manufacturing support from our engineers. For better lead times, we also offer local converting services.

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Markets and Applications

  • Military and Aerospace
    Aircraft and missile avionics, satellites
  • Medical
    Portable devices, medical imaging
  • Consumer Electronics
    Mobile handheld, video
  • Telecom

    Routers, base stations, switches

  • Computer

    High-end servers, supercomputers, storage

  • Test and Measurement
    Automated test equipment

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