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3M Adhesives for Consumer Electronics

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3M Adhesives for Consumer Electronics
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3M Adhesives for Consumer Electronics

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Adhesives for Display Solutions Overview

  • 3M offers an array of lighter, thinner, state-of-the-art optical bonding solutions. You can use them to bond and shape our optical display films without adversely affecting the visual quality of the display, and they can be used in LCD or OLED designs. Our optically clear adhesives offer easy application, consistent quality assurance, and large-scale manufacturing capability.

Adhesives for Display Solutions Products

  • A close-up image of 3M™ Printable LIquid Optically Clear Adhesive.

    3M™ Printable Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive (pLOCA)

    3M pLOCA is a high viscosity liquid adhesive designed for gap filling of touch module assemblies or direct display bonds or other applications that require optical bonding. Gap filling reduces reflection and increases light transmission at touch panel/display interfaces.

    3M pLOCA offers both low modulus and low shrinkage of the UV-cured adhesive to reduce stress-induced defects in the display appearance. It can be applied in both a vacuum system, as well as a vacuumless lamination process. It’s a thixotropic (shear thinning) material that provides a wider coating process window, improved manufacturing efficiency, better dimensional control, and higher integrator yields.

    3M™ Optically Clear Adhesive and Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive (OCA/LOCA) Benefits Brochure

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