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3M rebar coating products help prevent corrosion in transportation infrastructure
Exceptional Protection

Extend the lives of roads and bridges with one of the best corrosion protection available. 3M has led the way in epoxy-coated reinforcing steel since introducing it in 1972.

Transportation Infrastructure Rebar Coating Overview

  • Help protect reinforcing steel from the corrosive effects of deicing salts, airborne salt spray, sea water, harsh chemicals, acid rain, carbonation, contaminated aggregate and concrete additives. 3M™ Scotchkote™ Fusion Bonded Epoxy(FBE) Rebar Coatings exceed test requirements in accordance with industry standards, are easy to apply and offer flexibility for shop or field fabrication.

    Whether used on their own or in conjunction with other materials, our products help protect rebar, dowel bar/dowel bar baskets, welded wire fabric/wire mesh, mechanical splicing and spirals.

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