Tapes and Adhesives for Building & Construction

Tapes and Adhesives for Building and Construction
Durable Adhesion for Heavy-Duty Applications

From exterior panel bonding to duct work and flooring installation, 3M is a leader in tapes and adhesives tough enough for the construction industry.

Building & Construction Tapes and Adhesives Overview

  • 3M provides the construction industry with a comprehensive line of tapes and adhesives. 3M™ VHB™ tapes are strong enough to replace rivets and screws while remaining virtually invisible. Our masking tapes offer protection for a wide range of surfaces, from stucco to paper to metal. We also offer specialty tapes, including indoor/outdoor carpet seaming tape and extreme sealing tape that withstands harsh environmental conditions, making it ideal for rain gutters, vent stacks and more.


Tapes and Adhesives Product Categories

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