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    Scotch-Brite™ Professional Cleaning Solutions. For cleaner kitchens. With less elbow grease.

    • Great meals start with a sparkling-clean kitchen.

      But cleaning is no fun. And the time you spend cleaning your griddles, counters, appliances and other surfaces doesn’t generate a nickel in revenue.

      That’s why professional-grade Scotch-Brite™ and 3M™ Cleaning Solutions are designed to get those tough cleaning chores done faster, with less effort. So you can get back to doing what you do best.

    • Scotch-Brite™ Professional Cleaning Solutions kitchen scenario

      A recipe for success

      Since its introduction in 1958, Scotch-Brite has been one of the world’s most trusted consumer brands – the hallmark of a family of products known for their ability to tackle all kinds of tough cleaning chores, on all kinds of surfaces.

      Today, Scotch-Brite Professional products are the preferred choice of restaurants, hotels and institutional foodservice operations around the world, thanks to a perfect recipe of quality, performance and durability. Scotch-Brite Professional Products are available in a wide range of specialized pad constructions and tools, each one optimized tor specific surfaces and cleaning tasks, to help make short work of even the grubbiest jobs.

      For a spotless kitchen – in less time, and with less work – put Scotch-Brite and 3M solutions on your cleanup crew today. Check out the product categories below to learn more.

    Product Categories

    • Griddle & Appliance Cleaning

      Keeping your griddle clean makes it easier to prepare the kind of fresh, great-tasting food you've built your reputation on. In any busy kitchen, refrigerators, mixers, beverage dispensers and other appliances get a real workout throughout the day. 3M brings you a wide array of scrubbers, wipes and cleaning supplies that help make it easier to keep your kitchen safer, more hygienic and looking great.

    • Hand Pads, Sponges & Cloths

      A clean, well-maintained kitchen is the sign of an establishment where wholesome, great-tasting food is always on the menu. With durable, high performance scouring pads, sponges and cleaning cloths from 3M, you can make short work of tough cleanup chores, to get your kitchen back to business, fast.

    • Food Quality & Safety

      Maintaining consistency in the quality of your food requires frequently testing and filtering. 3M offers a fast and accurate way to measure the oil quality in your restaurants. The oil management solutions helps keep fried food quality high and save money by preventing the premature disposal of shortening.

    • TECH TALK: Food Contact and Cleaning Products (PDF, 202.16 KB)

      There are two main categories of cleaning products for areas where food may be processed, prepared, or served; formulated chemical substances and devices or tools such as scouring pads. A common question is whether these products are “safe for use in a food environment.” Learn more about the requirements for food contact with cleaning products in the United States.

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