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3M Surface Protection Films

Scotchgard™ Surface Protection Films

  • Floors and surfaces in high traffic areas often have limited defenses to prevent daily wear and tear like heavy traffic and harmful drips and spills. Scotchgard™ Surface Protection Film 2200 is a thin film designed to provide substantial, nearly invisible protection from these finish-eroding events and help reduce the frequency of costly refinishing.


  • Bathroom Hand Dryers
    Under Bathroom Hand Dryers

    Hand washing can turn into drips under the dryer. Help keep floors dry and protected from constant moisture.

  • Hand Sanitizer Stations
    Under Hand Sanitizer Stations

    Reduce the spread of germs without spreading finish degrading sanitizer on your surfaces.

  • Painted Bathroom Partitions
    Painted Bathroom Partitions

    Go vertical and keep these surfaces protected and easier to clean.

  • Kick Plates and Baseboards
    Kick Plates and Baseboards

    Carts, equipment and hospital beds often bump into baseboards, doors and nurse’s stations. It’s easy to apply extra protection STAT.

  • Rolling Chairs
    Under Rolling Chairs

    Keep wheels in motion without leaving wear patterns on your floor.

  • Restaurant Stations
    Restaurant Stations

    Protection from food stains and foot traffic keeps your floors and your brand reputation spotless.

  • Chemical-Heavy Laboratories
    Chemical-Heavy Laboratories

    Like safety goggles for your floor. Protect surfaces from harsh chemical erosion and stains.

  • Checkout Lanes
    Checkout Lanes

    Take charge of damage from constant cart and foot traffic.

  • Floor Mats
    Under Floor Mats
    Undercover protection. Help prevent discoloration to floors from rubber-backed mats.

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