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    3m adhesives, coatings and sealers in action

    Adhesives, Coatings and Sealers for Collision Repair

    Download Body Repair Solutions Guide (PDF, 3.74 MB)
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    The Hidden Heroes of Collision Repair

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    • 3M adhesives, coatings and sealers help ensure that your OEM-quality collision repairs will stay that way long after the vehicles leave your shop. These products have been scientifically developed to protect your work, improve your productivity and reinforce your reputation. They perform in areas that make all the difference: plastic and glass repair, panel and structural bonding, seam sealing, corrosion protection and more. 3M also supplies the equipment and resources you need to use them quickly and cost-effectively.

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    Collision Repair Adhesives, Coatings and Sealers Categories

    • Adhesives

      3M adhesives, adhesive applicators and recommended repair procedures can really streamline a collision repair shop. A full range of products can add speed and efficiency to jobs from glass and plastic repair to panel and structural bonding.

    • Coatings

      Help keep repairs road-ready and showroom-worthy long after they are complete. A full selection of collision repair coatings includes undercoatings, chip guard and rocker panel coatings, hardeners and internal corrosion protection.

    • Seam Sealers

      Available in urethane, epoxies, modified silane polymer (MSP) and more for reliable seam sealing where you need it, 3M seam sealers are designed for years of high performance without shrinking, cracking or becoming brittle.

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    Product Spotlight - 3M™ Cavity Wax Plus

    • 3m cavity wax can

      OEMs require corrosion protection after repairs, including cavity wax. The best way to ensure that your metal repairs are fully protected: apply three coats of 3M™ Cavity Wax Plus after paint and before detailing. Right from the can or using 360° applicator wands, Cavity Wax Plus is easy to apply even inside closed cavities or hard-to-reach areas.

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    Adhesives, Coatings and Sealers Videos

    • Bumper Repair Related Application

      Bumper Tab Repair

      A profit-boosting repair job comes to life: this video captures the highlights of plastic and bumper tab repair.

    • Front Side Bumper Repair Related Application

      Front Side Bumper Repair

      This quick how-to video can help simplify and streamline the process for repairing torn or cracked bumpers.

    • Important Note
      There are of course many factors and variables that can affect an individual repair, so the technician and repair facility need to evaluate each specific application and repair process, including relevant vehicle, part and OEM guidelines, and determine what is appropriate for that repair.

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    Search for 3M Safety Data Sheet

    • Safety Data Sheet

      To support our products as required, 3M Regulatory maintains a full, easily-searchable library of 3M Safety Data Sheets (SDS) on this website. NOTE: If the format of the 3M SDS you are accessing does not meet the requirements set forth by your country's legislation, please contact your local 3M subsidiary or call 1-888-364-3577 or 1-651-737-6501 for more information.

    Need More Information?

    If you have additional questions about 3M adhesives, 3M seam sealers, 3M coatings or anything related to collision repair, we’re happy to help. To contact us, or to view more information about 3M Collision Repair products and solutions, click to the right. We look forward to working with you!

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