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    3M™ Acid Mist Suppressant for Copper Electrowinning Tankhouses

    Control acid mist with confidence.

    Fluorochemical additives suppress acid mist in copper electrowinning tankhouses.

    3M™ Acid Mist Suppressant

    • Acid mist generated during copper production is highly corrosive, presenting a danger to personnel, valuable equipment and the electrowinning tankhouse structure itself. Acid mist forms during the final step of hydrometallurgical production, when copper metal is extracted from an electrolyte solution and deposited – or electroplated – onto cathodes. During this process, bubbles of oxygen rise to the surface of the electrowinning cell, burst and release small amounts of sulfuric acid into the air. For over 20 years, 3M™ Acid Mist Suppressant FC-1100 has helped copper electrowinning facilities around the world protect the health and safety of their workers – without compromising the efficiency of their process.


      Used alone or in conjunction with floating physical barriers, 3M acid mist suppressant FC-1100 can significantly reduce levels of airborne sulfuric acid, without negatively affecting either solvent extraction or the electrowinning process itself. It does not form a foam blanket on the surface of the electrowinning cell, so more surfactant is put to work – helping maintain a consistent level of acid mist suppression. In addition, FC-1100 suppressant can be used at low concentrations, for less potential for interference with the SX-EW circuit. It works by reducing the surface tension of oxygen bubbles in the electrowinning cell, allowing them to dissolve before they can reach the surface and burst. That means less acid mist, less corrosion damage, and a better working environment inside the electrowinning tankhouse.


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