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    3M™ Tape Attached Automotive Components for Rain Sensors and More

    Tape Attached Automotive Components for Rain Sensors and More


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    Learn more about tape attached automotive components from 3M

    3M tape attached automotive components are available for applications throughout a vehicle, including: mounting brackets for rain sensors and cameras, mirror mounts, locator pins, roof ditch and applique clips.

    From pressure sensitive adhesive foam tapes to semi-structural tapes, 3M offers a wide range of tape bond strengths for a variety of automotive applications where performance is critical. 3M provides a variety of pre-taped automotive components for use in the automotive industry, including:

    • Mirror mounts, pins, sensor and camera mounting brackets that are bonded to glass
    • Locator pins attached to glass to aid in the windshield installation process
    • Roof ditch and applique clips bonded to the vehicle body in white
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