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    3M™ Body Repair System, Dent Repair Step 4 Finish

    3M™ Body Repair System: Dent Repair - Finish

    Seal with primer, paint and polish.

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    Step 4: Repair
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    Dent Repair Steps: Finish

    • Step seven apply and sand primer

      7. Apply and sand primer. Apply primer of choice, sand with 320-600 grit sandpaper.

    • Step eight scuff blend area

      8. Scuff blend area. Scuff the surrounding paint that will be blended using 800-1000 grit sandpaper.

    • Step nine apply base coat and clear coate

      9. Apply base coat and clear coat. Apply base coat and clear coat of choice.

    • Step ten paint finish

      10. Paint finish. Use 1000-3000 grit sandpaper to remove light scratches or minor defects in clear coat. Use rubbing compound, then scratch remover to buff out sand scratches for gloss finish.

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