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    3M™ Body Repair System, Dent Repair Step 1 Prepare

    3M™ Body Repair System: Dent Repair - Prepare

    Mask the area, remove paint and rust

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    Step 1: Prepare
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    Dent Repair Steps: Prepare

    • 1. Clean and dry the repair area. Clean area with 3M™ Adhesive Remover and dry the area well.

    • 2. Mask the area. Using 3M™ Automotive Masking Tape, mask around the repair area.

    • 3. Strip paint and featheredge. Use 3M 24-80 grit abrasive to sand to metal in the dent and use 3M 80 grit abrasives to sand 3-4 inches around the dent area.

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