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    3M Headlight Restoration Products for Auto Care
    Superior Visibility

    Imagine improving the brightness of your aging, yellowing headlight lenses by up to 200%. 3M headlight restoration products can help you do just that – improving visibility for you and for other drivers.

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    Headlight Restoration Product Categories

    • Light Duty Restoration

      Use these quick, convenient products for light hazing and yellowing on a range of lenses and vehicles. Includes lens polish.

    • Medium Duty Restoration

      Choose these products for moderately scratched, hazed and yellowed lenses. Kit features a simple four-step process.

    • Heavy Duty Restoration

      Headlight renewal and restoration systems for headlights that are heavily yellowed, dulled and scratched. Choose kits for use with or without tools.

    Headlight Restoration Products Overview

    • Headlights that are yellow, scratched and cloudy can make night driving a dim, and a more dangerous, experience. 3M restoration products include all-in-one kits and polishes that make it faster and easier to improve your visibility. And, whether you need light, medium or heavy duty restoration, you can extend the life of your headlights – saving money as well as time.

    See 3M Headlight Restoration Products in Action

    • Auto Care Headlight Restoration Inforgraphic

      As you’re about to discover, choosing the right 3M™ Headlight Restoration Kit is even easier than using it. What’s right for your lights? To find out, just answer these simple questions.

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    Headlight Restoration Featured Products

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