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3M™ Accuspray System

ONE spray gun, ultimate versatility.


Accuspray ONE™ Spray Gun System Overview

Our mission is to take the paint OUT of painting – that means cleaning and maintenance – and its got to be done without sacrificing performance.

  • Ultimate versatility.
  • No Maintenance kits.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Performance of a brand new spray gun with each new atomizing head.

The Accuspray™ Spray Gun System with PPS™ combines the simplicity and easy maintenance of our Accuspray spray guns with the solvent-sipping, material-saving, rapid-clean-up convenience of PPS™ that pros love.

The kit contains the Accuspray™ ONE Spray Gun, and several atomizing heads that can handle coatings from primers to clear coat, hard cup and retaining ring, disposable lids and liners, and more. ONE gun meets all your spraying needs.

Accuspray ONE™ Spray Gun System Product Categories

  • Heavy Body Coat

    2.0mm atomizing head is great for heavy body coating. Make spot repairs with gel coat, enamels and latex paints.

  • Medium Viscocity

    1.8mm atomizing head is great for medium viscosity coatings such as primers, lacquers and adhesives of all kinds. Spray in any direction, get into tight spaces and put the adhesive right where you want it, with the pattern you prefer.

  • Low Viscocity

    1.4mm atomizing head is great for lower viscosity coatings and achieving fine atomization such as lacquers, single stage paints, polyurethanes, automotive base and clear coats, and marine top coats.

  • Finish Coats

    1.2mm and 1.3mm atomizing heads are intended to provide the highest quality finishes and finest atomization. From automotive, specialty vehicle and marine to aerospace, wood finishes and general industrial, you’re sure to get premium performance without the complication of tedious cleaning and maintaining.

Paint Application for Collision Repair Videos

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