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Roofing Granule Products

3M offers three distinct types of granules, Classic, Cool and Copper. It’s the combination and innovative nature of these granules which allow our manufacturers to create beautiful, high quality shingles that any homeowner would be proud of.

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The Science of a Beautiful Roof

  • Expertize in mining and geology at 3M is where it all begins. Through advances in crushing, coloring and coating treatments, 3M Roofing Granules enable shingle manufactures to design beautiful roofing styles in an array of colors and specialty features. The science that is embedded into roofing granules allows for unique ways to coat, pigment and treat granules, creating specialty features that allow shingles to combat black streaks on roofs caused by algae, or enable high solar reflectance ratings to produce cool roofing. Our ability to apply science to life combined with a discipline for operational excellence is what positions 3M as an industry leader capable of delivering innovative and quality products while also serving our customers' needs as a collaborative and dependable supplier.

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Roofing Innovation Center Tour

  • Roofing Innovation Center

    In this video Randy Morgan, National Accounts Manager for Industrial Minerals Product Division, takes us on a tour through the 3M Roofing Innovation Center showing the experience shingle manufacturers have when they come in to design and create their various shingle blends. The Center has been open since 1951 and is decorated in the vast array of shingle styles and blends that have been developed over the 60 plus years.

    After a brief introduction, Randy dives in to a deeper understanding of the customer experience at the Roofing Innovation Center. When a customer comes to the center they start the process by choosing what color blend they want. The center has every single granule color 3M offers, allowing them to hand mix their granule blend until they find the perfect color. From there they are able to lay out sample blends that the customers are able to view. Once a color blend is chosen, the center is able to adhere the granules to an actual shingle and cut them into the shingles and lay them out on the floor so that the manufacturers can see exactly what that color blend will look like on a roof. This process takes a mere 20-30 minutes for the center to complete providing quick, simple and realistic color examples so the manufacturers can make the most informed decision possible. This is key for manufacturers because it allows them to view the shingles beforehand without tying up their own productions lines for testing. This process can be done in one day at the 3M Roofing Innovation Center, whereas it would take weeks at the manufacturers’ plant.

    The Roofing Innovation Center takes their client experience one step further, and tests their shingles on homes in Florida as well as shingle test fields in Texas. The test data provides them with the information to understand current performance and to help drive new innovation.


  • It is 3M’s expertise which allows them to create aesthetically beautiful products that solve problems in an economic and sustainable way. Sustainability in 3M’s granule business means balancing economic, environmental and social factors while addressing manufacturing challenges. And above all else, it means uniting under a common goal: improving every life.

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