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You design it. 3M™ Matrix Resins make it amazing.
You design it. 3M™ Matrix Resins make it amazing.

Make it stronger. Make it lighter. Without the high cost of carbon fiber.


3M™ Matrix Resins

You don’t need costly carbon fiber to create powerful, light designs. 3M™ Matrix Resins – for the next generation of high-performance, lightweight and more cost-effective composite structures.


  • Filament Winding

    Low-viscosity epoxy-based 3M™ Matrix Resins are ideal for filament winding for manufacturing cylinders and closed-end structures, such as pressure vessels or tanks.

  • Pultrusion

    Excellent fatigue and impact resistance combined with low-viscosity and low-temperature cure make these resins the lightweight solution for pultrusion applications.


    Avoid issues of temperature control, resin flow and cure rates associated with resin infused molding. Low-viscosity 3M™ Matrix Resins are designed for RTM and VARTM, providing higher performance and increased strength at lower cost.

  • Vacuum Infusion

    Create high-strength, lighter weight parts with confidence. 3M™ Matrix Resins give you control over viscosity and flow distance for more durable low-cost results.

  • Tooling

    Our epoxy resins and additives improve dimensional stability for near-net shape tooling.

  • Prepreg

    Improve part strength in tension, compression, flexure and torsional buckling with 3M™ Matrix Resins for high-performance composites.

Common Markets

  • General Composites

    Your composite parts are stronger, more scratch resistant and more impervious to stress fracturing with 3M™ Matrix Resins. Our nanoparticle infused epoxy can reduce the need for fiber reinforcing while improving performance.

  • Wind

    Stronger, lighter designs and more efficient turbine blade manufacturing are keys to leveling the playing field for wind energy. Lightweight 3M™ Matrix Resins increase strength and improve efficiency by minimizing water flaws during processing, offering prepreg solutions and providing resins for RTM and VARTM manufacturing.

  • Aerospace

    As an aerospace engineer, your largest project’s success relies on the tiniest details, and 3M™ Matrix Resins with nanoparticles resist high temperatures, improve strength, and impact resistance while maintaining tensile elasticity.

  • Rail

    When you’re running a high-speed system, strength, weight and temperature control are always on your mind. 3M™ Matrix Resins are lighter than steel and they pull their load in the toughest conditions, offering excellent results from engine to cabin at less cost and meeting stringent Rail Fire Safety Standards.

  • Automotive

    If you’re downspeeding your designs to meet new fuel efficiency standards, you don’t need to sacrifice torque. 3M™ Matrix Resins let you design thinner composite drive shafts with up to twice the torque than steel at half the weight and at less cost.

  • Marine

    Whether you’re designing marine craft for performance, speed, safety or durability, depend on 3M™ Matrix Resins to help increase the strength, reduce weight and resist corrosion of your craft while easing production and cost.

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